Best Online Keno Sites

Are you ready to start playing keno online? Just look through our listings of the top ranked sites and select the ones that you like best. It's easy since we've already sorted through thousands of casinos to bring you those with the top ranked bonuses so all you need to do is choose your favorite place to play keno online.

Online Keno Casinos

Rank Online Casino Bonus Amount Match Site
2. Club World Casinos Club World Casinos $500 300% Visit
3. Casino Titan Casino Titan $1000 400% Visit
4. WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino $1000 100% Visit
5. Slots Jungle Casino Slots Jungle Casino Visit

How to Play Online Keno

Online keno like any lottery game is a game of chance. Any of the numbers (1 to 80) has an equal chance of being drawn no matter how many or how few times they may have come up before. So, even if the number 12 has come up in the last three draws it should still have the same 1 in 79 chance that it always does. Although some people prefer to play the numbers that come up more frequently as they feel this improves their chances of winning a big casino keno jackpot.

While most online keno games allow you to select up to 15 numbers some Keno experts argue that it is more beneficial to play fewer numbers since the odds of selecting say two out of thirty numbers is better than getting four out of thirty. While this might be true the payouts are also smaller when playing fewer numbers. This means that while you might win more keno games, you are still winning less money.

When playing an online keno game you can play whatever numbers you like as they aren't preselected like bingo. While different theories abound as to the best method of selecting numbers. As mentioned before from a statistical point of view any combination of numbers should have as a good a shot as another. However, many online keno casinos have developed different types of bets which provide players with more ways to win.

One example of alternate bets would be way bets. This allows players to divide their chosen numbers into sets. So say you choose 6 different numbers you can then divide them into 3 pairs. Now you have 4 different ways to win. Either you'll win by having your individual numbers come up or having one or more of the pairs come up.

While the game isn't complicated, the easiest way to learn is by practicing by playing free money games at one of our recommended keno casinos.