Best Online Poker Sites

Determining which are the best online poker rooms to play in is not as simple as it should be. In fact, thanks to the growing popularity of the game there are more and more new online poker sites opening their virtual doors every day. So, what's a player to do? How can you determine which sites are trustworthy and which are just scams?

Easy, use our listing of top online poker sites and pick from the very best sites in the industry. Each site has been fully verified to ensure that it is credible and totally legit. We only feature the casinos that offer the very best in terms of customer service, bonuses and overall gaming experience. All you need to do is pick your favorite and start having fun.

Online Poker Casinos

Rank Online Casino Bonus Amount Match Site
2. Club World Casinos Club World Casinos $500 300% Visit
3. Casino Titan Casino Titan $1000 400% Visit
4. WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino $1000 100% Visit
5. Slots Jungle Casino Slots Jungle Casino Visit

Online Poker Game Overview

Thanks to the numerous prime time game shows and reality programs as well as the highly popular WSOP the game of poker is more popular and better known than ever. It's also become way more profitable but at the same time much more competitive. While it isn't hard to find a place to play poker online you should still take care to choose a site that is well regulated and which offers good customer service and not just one that promises unbelievable bonuses. That said overcoming the disadvantage of being a newbie is easier than ever thanks to the tons of sites offering free online poker games as well as tutorials and tips. The free games are a great place to learn and hone your skills before joining the big leagues at the money tables.

How to Play Poker Online

While it might be tempting to just run out and start playing for real money at one of the popular online poker rooms you should wait until you have a few skills at your disposal. You need to be able to know how much your hand is worth and whether it is good enough to play or raise with or whether you should just fold it.

Internet poker hands have specific value and certain ones are more valuable than others. The least valuable or lowest ranking poker hand is the single high card, after that comes a pair which means two cards with the same numeric value, after that is a hand containing two pairs, and the next most valuable is a three of a kind. This should be self explanatory but a three of a kind is just three cards with the same number value. Next up is the hand known as a straight. It contains five cards with mixed suits (the symbols on the card - hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades) and is consecutive numbers. Next is a flush which means that you have five cards that all have the same suit. After a straight is something called a full house which contains a pair and three cards of the same kind together in one hand. Finally to finish off we have a straight flush followed by a royal flush. The straight flush is five consecutive cards which all have the same suit. The royal flush which is the most valuable hand is the highest kind of straight flush and is made up of 10-J-Q-K-A. However, when you play in online casino poker rooms the software usually labels your hand so you know what you have. Many sites also include a suite of tools which can evaluate the strength of your particular hand.