Internet Café Gambling prohibited by Georgia US Governor

Online gambling in internet cafes in Georgia is strictly prohibited, according to the last statements made by Georgia US officials and departments.

US online gambling have experienced many difficulties in the recent period, in the idea that its legal aspect is still the battleground for different opinions. The latest concerns for players that wish to earn prizes and cash incomes are brought by the state of Georgia which aims for the forbiddance of wagering in cyber cafes.

The last statement made by the governor Nathan Deal presents the clear laws concerning online gambling in internet cafes. According to Deal, all internet cafes biasing online gambling will be closed down, presently more than 100 internet cafes being prosecuted in the state of Georgia. The new internet cafes that are opened are suspected of hosting online gambling.

The statement that governor Deal made to a state Capitol press cleared out that there are joint efforts made to prosecute illegal online gambling activities in the state of Georgia. The current law prohibits such illegal activities and it is very clearly specified in the bill.

There are other state departments sustaining the prohibition of online gambling in internet cafes in Georgia. This way, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens makes public his intention to support the prosecution of illegal online gambling in internet cafes in Georgia and will assist prosecutors in court. He reminds that the penalty for online gambling is between 1 and 5 years imprisonment, followed by equipment confiscation.

The dispute regarding internet gambling takes place also at federal level where pros and cons are submitted regarding the legalization of online gambling as a way to compensate the debt issues in many US countries. The statistics show that there are more than 500 computer terminals in internet cafes in Georgia. According to Vernon Keenan, director of Georgia Bureau of Investigation, most of the money spent in these cafes is leaving the state or the country.