Top Online Roulette Casinos

Casino roulette is practically synonymous with table games and you can easily find roulette games in both online and land based casinos thanks in large part to its iconic status. So, if you're eager to get started and play roulette online then take a moment to look over our rankings of the very best online roulette casinos. We've complied rankings of the top sites meaning all the casinos you find listed not only offer great game play but also have solid customer service and of course the best online roulette bonus offers available!

Online Roulette Casinos

Rank Online Casino Bonus Amount Match Site
2. Club World Casinos Club World Casinos $500 300% Visit
3. Casino Titan Casino Titan $1000 400% Visit
4. WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino $1000 100% Visit
5. Slots Jungle Casino Slots Jungle Casino Visit

Casino Roulette Explained

Playing an online roulette game is simple enough but in order to get started it's probably best to review the basics. Internet roulette just like its offline counterpart is played using a wheel which spins in order to randomly select 1 out of 38 possible numbers. Some online roulette casinos feature a live feed of a dealer spinning a wheel while others have a computer generated graphic which selects the number using a random number generator.

While the numbers on a roulette wheel might seem to be placed totally at random that simply isn't the case. The numbers in a casino roulette game are actually placed as far as possible from each other. High and low numbers as well as the evens and odds are kept directly opposite one another in a mathematical pattern. The number 1 is opposite from 2 and 3 is directly across from number 4, etc.

At any rate, what you need to know in order to play roulette online is that on a double zero wheel there are 38 positions meaning that the odds are 37 to 1 against you selecting the right number on any given spin. However, the payoff odds are usually only 35 to 1 meaning that the game carries a 5.26% house edge - so, it isn't one of your safer bets. This is why many recommend taking a lower payout bet like red or black which offer better returns than the single number bets. There are a number of other bets available when playing roulette online but the best way to learn is to try the game in free mode until you feel confident enough to tackle playing for money.