Online Video Poker Games

Online video poker, like blackjack, is a beatable casino game and it is partly due to this fact that it has recently grown in popularity. Although with its rise in popularity it has become increasingly difficult to find the best video poker game and casinos when there are hundreds to choose from. Don't get frustrated just leave it to us. After playing in hundreds of different casinos we know which to try and which to avoid. Browse our casino listings and you'll sure to find only the sites with the very best bonus offers and video poker machines.

Online Video Poker Sites

Rank Online Casino Bonus Amount Match Site
2. Club World Casinos Club World Casinos $500 300% Visit
3. Casino Titan Casino Titan $1000 400% Visit
4. WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino $1000 100% Visit
5. Slots Jungle Casino Slots Jungle Casino Visit

Video Poker Machines

While it is often said that video poker machines are similar to slot machines it is only partially true. Obviously video poker involves a bit more skill and less luck since you aren't just hoping to match symbols on a reel but rather to form the best 5 card poker hand. The better hand a player creates the more they stand to win off the casino and while it takes luck to get better cards the video poker games offer savvy players a better chance of making money since there is more skill involved.

A video poker game is also easier to learn than traditional table card games since you are only competing against the house and therefore don't need to worry about other players. It's also easier to keep track of the payouts and hand rankings on a video poker machine since it is always clearly listed on the game. This is nice since you immediately know the hands which are more valuable and which are more likely to come up (the ones that pay less).

The other nice thing about playing video poker games is that most feature the exact same hand rankings and basic rules as a regular poker game. If you already have a working knowledge of poker then this greatly reduces the learning curve involved. However, even if you are less familiar with poker you can rest easy as the basics are fairly easy to learn and the video poker machine is designed to be very player friendly. If you really aren't sure where to start though you can always try some free money games to warm up and hone your skills.